rethink the box design is my vision of an interdisciplinary dream team of learning designers who are committed to creating learning experiences & spaces that embrace purpose, passion & play.

Our Team:

Kate Dresher      |      dresher.kate@scienceandtech.org

Molly Lepore      |      lepore.molly@scienceandtech.org

Bret Poppleton    |      poppleton.bret@scienceandtech.org

Sarah Skeen       |      sarahloweskeen@gmail.com

Jim Stephens      |     rethinktheboxdesign@gmail.com




hive denver learning community is a connected learning environment that encourages the design of engaging anytime | anywhere learning experiences for all types of learners.

Our Team:

Sarabeth Berk     |      sarabeth.berk@du.edu

Paul Kim          |      paul.kim@coloradoacademy.org

Jim Stephens      |      rethinktheboxdesign@gmail.com