a radical collaboration

we recognize that education in the 21st century requires the support of key thinkers in our community, from organic farmers to artists and ceo’s, which is why RETHINK THE BOX will be hosting a radical collaboration between some of denver’s greatest thinkers to reconceptualize education on april 20th

the process we use at RETHINK THE BOX is human centered by design.  according to our friends at IDEO:

” human-centered design is a process that has been used for decades to create new solutions to design challenges. the process helps people hear the needs of the people and communities they’re designing for, create innovative approaches to meet these needs, and deliver solutions that work in specific learning contexts. centered in optimism and embracing constraints and complexity, the HCD process helps users ask the right questions. ultimately, it can increase the speed and effectiveness of implementing solutions that have an impact on the lives of the people these solutions were designed for.”

it is our intention to use design thinking as a means to transform education and inspire the next generation of innovative problem solvers